Muzhishi Company is committed to developing a new generation of special oils and functional oils, and its products serve various special oil processing companies, animal health products companies, health food companies and pharmaceutical companies.Guangzhou Muzhishi Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is now a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and special new enterprise recognized by Guangdong Province.The biosynthetic new structural lipid technology developed by the company has achieved pilot-scale mass production. It is one of the first companies to combine synthetic biology technology with new structural lipids to achieve green, low-carbon and clean manufacturing of  special oils and functional oils.

    The company's main products are:

  1. Organic virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil: Coconut oil is a typical medium-chain oil product that is resistant to high temperatures, can be fried, and has certain anti-inflammatory and disinfection effects. It has a wide range of uses and special functions.

  2. Red palm oil: It is rich in carotenoids, tocotriene VE and coenzyme Q10. It has antioxidant, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer and other effects. It is widely used in cooking, health care, feed, infant products and other fields.

  3. Organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride): naturally found in palm kernel oil, coconut oil and other foods and breast milk, it is one of the sources of dietary fat. The main component is "caprylic and capric glycerides".Can be used in tobacco, food, baking, cosmetics, special medical foods, health foods, etc.

  4. MLCT (medium and long chain triglyceride): a new type of structural fat that does not accumulate fat and does not cause excessive ketone bodies in the human body. MLCT can replace animal fat or hydrogenated oil.Special grease for processing low-energy, low-trans-acid foods, and can also be used to produce weight loss products, functional foods, infant formula and special medical foods.

  5. DAG (diglyceride): a new type of functional oil made from olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, and camellia oil, which is catalyzed by biotechnology and purified by molecular distillation technology.Among them, the diester content can reach up to 92%. It is not only high in content, but also healthy and safe. It is conducive to improving the body's fat metabolism and significantly reducing blood lipids and body fat accumulation.

  6. Special oil for popcorn: It is an edible oil specially designed for cooking popcorn.It usually has a high smoke point, can burn stably at high temperatures, and is less likely to produce oil smoke and harmful substances.Using special popcorn oil can make popcorn delicious, attractive in color, and more healthy and delicious.

  7. Diacylglycerol microencapsulated powder: a new type of food ingredient, composed of glycerol and fatty acids, which has been microencapsulated to give it good stability and solubility.It is commonly used in foods, beverages and health products as an emulsifier, stabilizer and carrier.Diglyceride microcapsule powder can effectively improve the taste, stability and nutritional value of food, and also has health-care effects such as lowering cholesterol and reducing fat accumulation.

  8. Edible transesterified oil (prepared by enzymatic method): The oil has special melting and crystallization properties. The product is widely used in margarine, chocolate, cold drinks, fillings and other high-end foods or infant foods.


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